Oslo Fjord: Freya the Walrus Euthanized

Photo: Getty Images (via BBC)

The Facts

  • A Walrus, nicknamed Freya, who rose to fame in the Oslo Fjord, has been euthanized due to concerns over public safety, according to Norwegian officials.

  • The head of Norway's fisheries directorate, Frank Bakke-Jensen, stated that "the decision to euthanize was taken on the basis of a global evaluation of the persistent threat to human security."

The Spin

Narrative A

While regrettable, this was the only solution. Authorities considered moving Freya but this was simply not viable and too complex. The risk of Freya's death was well known for over a week, but people persisted and authorities had to do what was necessary to prioritize the safety of humans.

Narrative B

Freya is a metaphor for humanity's poor relationship with wildlife. She was forced to flee her natural habitat due to human-triggered global warming, only to be deemed a danger in the Oslo Fjord because people wouldn't listen to warnings to steer clear. She has paid for human ignorance with her life, and the decision to euthanize her was made too hastily.

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