Palestinian Prisoner Ends Hunger Strike Following Release Deal

Photo: AP/i24 News

The Facts

  • On Wed., Khalil Awawdeh, a Palestinian man who has been administratively detained by Israel since Dec. 2021, ended his nearly six-month long hunger strike after his release was agreed upon. The release date is scheduled for Oct. 2.

  • This comes as the alleged member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), who now weighs less than 80 pounds, declared he wouldn't engage in terrorist activities. He will remain in the hospital for treatment and supervision.

The Spin

Pro-Palestine narrative

Awawdeh's release is great news, but this systemic problem is far further reaching than just one man. Detained Palestinians face abuses and arbitrary measures carried out by Israel, where they are deprived of human rights and dignity. Israeli occupation is unjust and so is the imprisonment of political prisoners.

Pro-Israel narrative

Khalil Awawdeh is suspected of terrorism. While it's true that administrative detentions require exceptional legal procedures, efficient counterterrorism strategies focus on prevention. This practice is a last resort to protect public safety, safeguarding the right to live, to be free, and feel safe.

Establishment split



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