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Palestinian Schools Strike Over Alleged Censorship


  • Hundreds of Palestinian schools in East Jerusalem closed on Monday in response to Israel's Jerusalem municipality's plan to introduce Israeli curriculum and textbooks in the classroom.[1]
  • The strike, which was called for by the unified parents committee and Palestinian National and Islamic Forces, is reportedly being observed by most of the 280 Palestinian schools in the region, affecting up to 115k students grades K-12.[2]




Not only has Israel occupied Palestinian land by force, but now they're attempting to occupy the minds of Palestinian students. This strike is needed in the face of Israel's invasion, and these students and parents shouldn't stop until their right to teach Palestinian curriculum has been affirmed.


The shift in the curriculum in East Jerusalem schools isn't new, as Israel has been introducing modernized schooling for several years now. Israel is not attempting to wipe away the Palestinian narrative, as some have alleged, but only to strengthen the academic output in the region and remove material aimed at radicalizing Palestinian children in a hatred towards Israel.