Panama Faces Shortages As Protests Enter 3rd Week

    Panama Faces Shortages As Protests Enter 3rd Week
    Photo: AFP/Getty Images [via Bloomberg]

    The Facts

    • Panama has entered its third week of protests and road blockades, including a blockage of the Pan-American Highway, leading to shortages of food, fuel, and medicine.

    • On Thurs., talks between groups of protesters and Panama's government were expected to take place in Penonome, in the Coclé province.

    The Spin

    Pro-establishment narrative

    These protests are part of a healthy democracy and the Cortizo admin has stressed the importance of a candid dialogue to address demands. However, some ill-intentioned politicians have infiltrated social movements to push their agenda even if it harms the most vulnerable populations.

    Establishment-critical narrative

    The Cortizo admin is the one responsible for carrying out a hypocritical "double agenda" in this crisis. While officials open negotiations with protesters who are seeking to find solutions through dialogue, other security forces keep ruthlessly cracking down mass demonstrations.

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