Pence Disputes Trump on 2020 Election Certification

Image copyright: AP [via NY Post]

The Facts

  • In a speech before the conservative Federalist Society on Friday, former VP Mike Pence rejected Trump's claims that the VP had the power to "overturn" the election given Trump allies' voter fraud claims.

  • "President Trump is wrong," Pence stated, adding that the former president's suggestion is "un-American."

The Spin

Pro-Trump narrative

If the VP didn't possess the authority to overturn election results from states where widespread fraud has been alleged, then why are Democratic lawmakers rushing to change the Electoral Count Act and take that power away? Pence had the power, but he lacked the courage to act.

Left narrative

13 months after the tragic events of Jan. 6, Pence has finally told the simple truth about his role that day. His reward is to have his name dragged through the mud by Trump and his gang of sycophants who have now embraced violence as a means of political discourse.

Political split



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