Peru: Homes Buried and Several Killed in Landslide

    Image copyright: Radio Nacional

    The Facts

    • Multiple people, including an infant, were killed in a landslide in Peru Tues. morning.

    • The landslide occurred in Retamas, in the mountainous region of La Libertad, northern Peru, after heavy rains soaked the area.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Disasters like this highlight the threat posed by human-driven climate change. As global temperatures keep rising, rainfall is getting more and more intense, and disasters will only become more common.

    Narrative B

    The calamity was a result of inequality, not climate change. The village was built on a mountain not suitable for housing and susceptible to landslides. Authorities have tried to prevent the construction of more houses, but poor Peruvians have no other options.

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