Pfizer Exec: COVID Vaccines Not Tested on Transmission Before Rollout

Photo: European Parliament Multimedia Center [via Daily Caller]

The Facts

  • A senior Pfizer executive told a committee of the European Parliament on Monday that its COVID vaccine wasn't tested for preventing transmission of the virus before the company began its global rollout of the vaccine.

  • Janine Small, Pfizer's president of international developed markets, made the admission in response to a question from conservative Dutch MEP Rob Roos.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

This admission from Pfizer is scandalous. The company, and countless other officials - including from the Biden administration - claimed vaccines prevented transmission. Biden and others went further by shaming those who didn't get vaccinated, stating they put the wider community at risk. This assertion was not correct and undermined public confidence.

Pro-establishment narrative

Roos's accusations heavily distort the facts. During the very early stages of the pandemic, trials had a primary outcome of reducing the risk of severe disease, not transmission. However, virus transmission was researched later and, as expected, vaccines helped with this too – though it was never promised they would stop it completely. Context is vital here - mRNA vaccines protect people from COVID.

Establishment split



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