Biden Signs $40B Ukraine Aid Package

Photo: Sipa/AP Images [via CNN]

The Facts

  • On Sat. Biden signed a package worth more than $40B in military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine, after the bill was flown to him in Seoul.

  • This comes after the bill was overwhelmingly approved by the Senate on Thurs., in an 86-11 vote. All 11 "no" votes came from Republicans.

The Spin

Anti-Russia narrative

Resistance to this package was reckless. Putin only knows the language of power, and Moscow must be countered before Russian imperialism and barbarism spreads further across Europe. Everything must be done to back Kyiv against Russia's war of extermination.

Narrative B

Rand Paul and other fiscal conservatives were looking out for the American people. Enormous, rushed funding packages are paid for by hardworking American taxpayers. Requesting responsible oversight is a public service responsibility.

Establishment-critical narrative

Multi-billion dollar weapons packages will make little difference in the outcome of the war. The US has been meddling in Ukraine since the end of the Cold War, and what we're witnessing is a geopolitical ponzi scheme to benefit those aligned with the military-industrial complex. War is a lucrative racket.

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Establishment split



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