Rashida Tlaib Wins Mich. Democratic Primary

    Photo: Reuters [via PBS]

    The Facts

    • US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib won the Democratic nomination for a newly redrawn 12th district in Mich. Wed., defeating three other candidates who vied for the seat, including Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey.

    • Tlaib led Winfrey 64%-20% with more than a third of the expected vote counted by 12:30 am, about the time the race was called by the Associated Press.

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    It's refreshing to see progressives like Tlaib continue to perform well in state politics. Tlaib works for her constituents, unlike many in Congress - especially the GOP - who would rather tow a party line that hurts their voters.

    Republican narrative

    Tlaib and other "progressives" like her are far-left extremists trying to fundamentally change American society. The US is a country based upon liberty and freedom, but Tlaib and her colleagues work to undermine those values that are a pillar of the US.

    Pro-Palestine narrative

    Tlaib's win is a victory over Israeli advocacy groups that seek to silence critics of Israel's harsh policies against Palestinians. The pro-Israel group Urban Empowerment Action (UEA) PAC spent nearly $700k backing Winfrey, but thankfully their efforts were in vain.

    Pro-Israel narrative

    Tlaib, like other members of the squad, has unrepentantly anti-Israel views and openly airs conspiracy theories that target Israel and the Jewish people. She even has close ties with Maher Abdel Qader, who is known for promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. She shouldn't be anywhere near a Congressional seat.

    Political split



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