Report: China, Russia, India Enabling Myanmar Junta

Report: China, Russia, India Enabling Myanmar Junta
Photo: AFP/Getty Images [via Time]

The Facts

  • On Wednesday, a group of eight international legislators published a report claiming that, despite not being able to consolidate its takeover, Myanmar's military junta continues to hold on to power with the support of China, Russia, and to a lesser extent, India.

  • The report deemed the Five-Point Consensus from the Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to solve the crisis a huge failure, stating that it's vital that the international community "changes course on Myanmar" to comply with international obligations and standards.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

Though reluctant to support the military coup at first, China has gradually stepped up its relationship with the junta to unequivocal support based on the belief that the regime will ultimately prevail and favor PRC economic and strategic interests. This support has aggravated the situation in Myanmar, harming the country's innocent people.

Pro-China narrative

While China seeks to help Myanmar prosper with peace and stability, the West and its proxies insistently promote a smear campaign against Beijing. This clearly reveals their hypocrisy; though they claim to support democracy and human rights, they're merely leveraging the Myanmar population's suffering as a pawn against China.

Cynical narrative

The UN's strong response to the crisis in Ukraine has shown that the organization had the necessary means to act to stop violence in Myanmar — proving that the international community has used a possible veto from China or Russia to justify its dereliction of duty. The crisis in this vulnerable Southeastern Asian country poses a serious threat to international peace, and decisive action must be taken.

Establishment split



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