The Facts

  • A report by Petro-Logistics released last week claims that Western countries could still be importing Russian oil via Indian refiners despite the sanctions Western nations have imposed on the Kremlin.

  • While it's difficult to determine if Russian oil is landing in sanctioned countries, the report estimates that India has exported 308 thousand barrels per day (kb/d) due to Russian crude oil imports out of its total 2,613 kb/d since the start of the war.

The Spin

Pro-Russia narrative

It's outrageous that the West seeks to make India stop buying Russian crude oil to comply with illegitimate sanctions. Even countries that imposed them are now exempting themselves after provoking an energy price hike. Trade relations between India and Russia have a huge potential and can only benefit responsible multi-polar global governance.

Anti-Russia narrative

Yes, standing up to Putin's neo-imperial appetite requires sacrifices. But contrary to Kremlin propaganda, the sanctions are having a significant social impact on Russia. It's crucial to enshrine existing sanctions in legislation and to tighten up international solidarity for implementing them.

Narrative C

As many Indian oil suppliers have redirected their exports to Europe after the continent halted Russian imports, New Delhi had to find ways to ensure its citizens could have access to oil at the best price possible. Yes, some countries may not cherish this move, but this hasn't affected India's relations with the West.

Establishment split



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