Report: Musk Considering Taking Twitter Public Again

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    The Facts

    • Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who is pursuing a takeover of Twitter, has reportedly told potential investors they will probably be able to cash out as soon as three years from now, when he might take the company public.

    • Private-equity investors often take distressed companies private and then list them on the public market again after they've turned around; Twitter is reportedly low on cash after losing $221M last year.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Musk is a billionaire, but he's also a man of the people as proven by his plan to monetize Twitter by only charging those who can afford to pay. By the time he takes Twitter public again, his bastion of free speech will be profitable and no one will want to change it back to its restrictive past.

    Narrative B

    Musk says he's pursuing Twitter to restore the principles of free speech to the platform, but his promising of a public offering to potential investors in three years, along with his plans to charge some people for using the site, seem to indicate he's more likely pursuing profits over anything else.

    Narrative C

    A three-year timeline to take Twitter public again may be overly optimistic. Private-equity firms usually take at least five years to restructure a company before taking it public once more, and Musk's prior track record of missing production deadlines is a good indication that this could take longer than estimated.

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