Report: 'Systemic' Abuse of Players in Women's Soccer

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The Facts

  • Following an independent investigation by former US Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, a report released Monday found a list of failures by the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) related to allegations of abuse by coaches.

  • The report - released a year after players protested multiple public allegations against coaches - found that owners, executives, and coaches within the NWSL and the US Soccer Federation failed to act on years of reported verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

What's devastatingly ironic about this report, and the revelations of the past year, is that those in charge of the NWSL claimed to prioritize the well-being of female athletes, but their actions spoke differently. Immense shame should be felt not only by abusive coaches but by those in power who could've stepped in but chose to sweep rampant abuse under the rug.

Pro-establishment narrative

Though misconduct could and should have been addressed much earlier, the league has now accepted its hidden culture of abuse. The league will take significant actions to end the vicious cycle that so many women endured. The recommendations outlined in Yates' report will help the NWSL take the positive steps necessary to clean up its institution.

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