Judge Rejects RNC's Bid to Block Email, Fundraising Data from Jan 6.

    Image copyright: Pool via Getty Images [via NBC News]

    The Facts

    • A federal judge has rejected an effort by the Republican National Committee (RNC) to halt a third-party subpoena for its fundraising records.

    • The subpoena, which was issued by the Jan. 6 Committee to software firm Salesforce in February, seeks RNC communications and fundraising efforts in the weeks leading up to the Capitol riots.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    This is a clear case of unconstitutional overreach by an illegitimate, partisan Congressional panel seeking to use the force of the US government to unlawfully seize the private and sensitive information of its political opponents.

    Democratic narrative

    The subpoena has nothing to do with the private information of Republican voters or politicians. It's a targeted strategy for investigating the spread and impact of false messages in the weeks before Jan. 6 in the hopes of finding a legislative solution to prevent such tactics from ever being employed again.

    Political split



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