Russia, Iran, Turkey Hold Talks in Tehran

    Photo: AP Photo [via Al Jazeera]

    The Facts

    • Both Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and Turkish Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan traveled to Tehran on Tues. for a summit hosted by Iranian Pres. Ebrahim Raisi.

    • The "Astana Troika" discussed key issues affecting the region, such as the Syrian conflict, but also the resumption of grain exports from Ukraine.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    The Turkish government is simply seeking to combat terrorism that has been fomenting on its border for the last 10 years. The "SDF" is really just a front for the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK), which is a well-known terrorist organization. A Turkish operation would only bring more peace and stability to northern Syria.

    Narrative B

    Turkey's ambitions to stomp out the Rojava revolution, in which Kurds, Christians, and Arabs have lived and worked together in harmony, is purely based on anti-Kurdish bigotry and Erdoğan's neo-ottoman delusions. Erdoğan has only spread death and destruction throughout the region.

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