Russian Diplomat Quits Over Ukraine War, Says He's Ashamed Of His Country

Photo: Reuters [via Al Jazeera]

The Facts

  • On Mon., diplomat Boris Bondarev resigned as a counselor at Russia's UN mission in Geneva in protest over the war in Ukraine and what he described as the degradation of the Russian political system.

  • In his resignation letter, sent to diplomats and published on social media, the 20-year veteran of Russia's Foreign Ministry said that since Russia had unleashed its "aggressive" war against Ukraine and the Western world, he'd never been "so ashamed" of his country.

The Spin

Anti-Russia narrative

Boris Bondarev's arguments for resigning only prove that the West's assessment of Moscow's political elite is correct. Since Putin came to power, greed and warmongering have dominated Russia's political scene. It's the free world's moral obligation to do everything in its power to support decent people like Bondarev in breaking away from the Kremlin.

Pro-Russia narrative

Bondarev's resignation is just another welcome opportunity for the "free world" to demonize Russia and mask its own moral decay. It's telling, that, to this day, hardly any high-ranking Western politicians or officials have had the decency to resign over Iraq or numerous other wars that the West has unleashed in the name of "democracy and freedom."

Establishment split



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