UN Report: Rwanda Backing Rebels in DRC

    Photo: AFP [via The East African]

    The Facts

    • A UN report claims to have found "solid evidence" that Rwandan troops have intervened militarily in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and supplied the "March 23 Movement" (M23) with weapons and other military equipment.

    • According to the report, prepared by UN Security Council experts, the Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) allegedly operated in the country's eastern Rutshuru region between Nov. 2021 and July 2022, engaging in joint operations with M23 rebels against the Congolese army.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    What has been known for a long time is finally official: even the UN recognizes that Rwanda is complicit in the unspeakable suffering in eastern DRC by supporting rebel groups. Rwanda has been meddling in Congolese affairs since its military intervention in the country in the late 1990s and has continuously plundered the DRC's resources. The West must stop turning a blind eye to Rwanda's criminal actions in the DRC.

    Narrative B

    This questionable UN analysis is the latest success for Kinshasa, which always likes to present itself as a victim. The same pitch will probably be made during the upcoming visit of US Secretary of State Blinken to the DRC. One can only hope that Blinken will not allow himself to be manipulated by the DRC.

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