San Francisco DA Boudin Recalled by Voters

    Photo: Getty Images [via Wall Street Journal]

    The Facts

    • San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin was recalled Tues., with about 60% voting to oust him, according to preliminary results reported by the Associated Press.

    • Boudin was elected in 2019 with 50.8% of the vote, but has since faced criticism over his progressive criminal justice policies that some say have led to high-profile crimes.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    Boudin had to go. It's impossible to separate his progressive policies from the brutal attacks on Asian seniors and smash-and-grab robberies citizens see on the news every night. He's soft on crime and often sides with defendants over victims.

    Democratic narrative

    Boudin is being scapegoated. The overall rate of violent crime in SF is close to a historic low, but the facts were no match for the media raising the public's fears by overhyping certain types of crimes, which are then blamed on Boudin's progressive policies.

    Political split



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