Saudi Leader Visits Türkiye For First Time Since Khashoggi Murder

    Saudi Leader Visits Türkiye For First Time Since Khashoggi Murder
    Photo: AFP [via Middle East Eye]

    The Facts

    • Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) held talks with Türkiye's Pres. Erdoğan in Ankara on Wed., marking a "new era of cooperation" in their relationship.

    • The two discussed bilateral cooperation and investment in multiple sectors, as Saudi Arabia seeks to end its isolation from the international community and Türkiye faces acute economic challenges.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Erdoğan tried to use the Khashoggi case in his quest to define the regional ruling model after the Arab spring in 2011. However, as Ankara faces its worst economic crisis of the century, it has no choice but to be pragmatic and look for every option available to tackle inflation and get the economy back on track.

    Narrative B

    Riyadh remains understandably wary of Erdoğan as his actions reflect what circumstances dictate, not what he would choose to do. While this thaw is good for both countries, Saudi leaders know there's no guarantee that it will last. After all, Erdoğan is still the man who sought to blackmail Saudi Arabia with the Khashoggi case.

    Narrative C

    Türkiye and Saudi Arabia are brotherly countries with historical, cultural and human ties. Though they've had issues in the past due to regional politics, it's now necessary that they resolve their differences and move forward to create a more stable and economically prosperous Middle East.

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