Scientists Create Hydrogen Fuel from Air

Image copyright: ISTOCK/Getty Images [via Newsweek]

The Facts

  • According to a paper published on Tues. in the journal Nature Communications, scientists have reportedly invented a solar-powered "direct air electrolyzer" (DAE), which allows for hydrogen to be extracted from the air rather than liquid water.

  • The solar-powered prototype produces hydrogen fuel with over 99% purity and can work with humidity levels as low as 4% - a feature highly beneficial for regions where water is scarce.

The Spin

Narrative A

This exciting innovation could be a key to solving our most severe environmental and climate problems, as even the dryest regions of the world will be able to extract hydrogen for a renewable energy source. If this invention continues to progress, technological necessities such as cars could eventually be run by hydropower, leaving the reliance on fossil fuels in the past.

Narrative B

We need to separate the promise of exciting "inventions" from the realities of implementation. Whether it's new COVID pills or breakthroughs in alternative energy technology, unless there's heavy investment in infrastructure, these "inventions" often don't deliver. We can't rely on science and technology alone to solve our energy problems - innovation is overrated, and implementation is vastly underrated.

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