SCOTUS: NY Concealed Carry Law Unconstitutional

    Photo: Getty Images [via The Daily Wire]

    The Facts

    • SCOTUS on Thurs. ruled 6-3 that a 111-year-old restriction on carrying a concealed firearm in NY is unconstitutional.

    • The law in question required applicants to show "proper cause" for seeking a license, like hunting and sport shooting, or necessary protection in the citizen's line of work.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    US citizens once had the right to protect themselves from gun violence through their elected representatives and legislation. Now that SCOTUS has rendered all gun restrictions unconstitutional, stopping the carnage will be virtually impossible because it's been proven that lax or non-existent gun control leads to more violence and death.

    Right narrative

    Gun rights are not a novelty item but a core constitutional right. The NY law clearly violated the 14th Amendment. The tide has finally turned toward the full right to bear arms and against the Left's war on liberty and a right to self-defense.

    Political split



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