SCOTUS to Hear Appeal from Texas Death Row Inmate

    Photo: Austin American-Statesmen via AP [via Fox News]

    The Facts

    • On Mon., SCOTUS agreed to hear the appeal of Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed, who is seeking post-conviction DNA testing of evidence.

    • Reed was convicted for the 1996 murder of a 19-yr-old woman, but has long maintained his innocence.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    Reed's case is a tragic example of a black man railroaded by an unjust system. Doubts about his guilt haunt his case, and yet his appeals have largely been ignored. It's high-time that this changes.

    Right narrative

    Evidence clearly points to Reed's guilt, but the facts have been twisted to support an insidious false narrative that sows doubt into the public's mind about the integrity of the American justice system.

    Progressive narrative

    Capital punishment is a barbaric affair that compounds violence with violence. It eliminates any possibility of rehabilitation, drains tax dollars, and forces the victim's loved ones to relive the crime. The death penalty is no more effective at ensuring a safe society than a life sentence - we need to reform our sense of "justice".

    Political split



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