Shootings Leave 21 injured in Milwaukee, Near NBA Playoff Game

    Shootings Leave 21 injured in Milwaukee, Near NBA Playoff Game
    Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    The Facts

    • Three seperate shootings near Milwaukee's entertainment district left at least 21 people injured on Fri. night. They took place between approximately 9pm and 11pm local time near the Deer District.

    • Three were reportedly injured in the first shooting, one in the second and seventeen in the third, which was described as an exchange of gunfire between two groups.

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    The refusal of the GOP to act on the loss of innocent lives is shameful. Dems are fighting to progress legislation to implement further gun control measures and tackle the scourge of white supremacy motivating domstic terrorism in the US. Now they need the support of the right to help protect American citizens.

    Republican narrative

    Although Dems routinely blame mass shootings on easy access to guns, experts believe the year-on-year increase in killings (up 40% in Milwaukee from the same time in 2021) is down to the pressures of the COVID pandemic. Increased stress in recent months has contributed to a downturn in mental health, and a rise in violence, with tragic consequences.

    Political split



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