Six Arrested As Hong Kong Police Enforces Tiananmen Vigil Ban

    Photo: AP [via NPR]

    The Facts

    • Six people were arrested on Sat. by the Hong Kong police who were heavily present in Victoria's Park to enforce a ban on public commemorations of the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown in China.

    • Sat. marked the 33rd anniversary of the violent suppression of student democracy protestors by armed troops in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Hundreds if not thousands were killed on June 4, 1989.

    The Spin

    Anti-China narrative

    The Chinese Communist Party knows no bounds when it comes to its efforts to suppress public consciousness of state atrocities against peaceful protestors. It has censored the internet, erased the event from the pages of textbooks, and now it has removed public statues and even banned Catholic masses commemorating the victims.

    Pro-China narrative

    The West insists on meddling in Chinese internal affairs, especially to undermine the rule of law in Hong Kong. While US politicians praise Hong Kong conspirators for their alleged fight for democracy, they accuse Jan. 6 rioters of domestic terrorism - a clear double standard.

    Establishment split



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