South Africa: At Least 21 Killed In Bar Attacks

    Photo: AP [The Washington Post]

    The Facts

    • At least 21 people were reportedly killed and several others injured in a shooting at a bar in the South African township of Soweto, Johannesburg, early Sun. morning.

    • The incident occurred when gunmen opened fire on the young patrons at Emazulwini tavern in the Nomzamo informal settlement in Orlando East, Soweto.

    The Spin

    Establishment-critical narrative

    The recent shootings are further evidence of the government's failure to address the root causes of violence. Neither defending the rule of law nor an effective criminal justice system is being prioritized; the government stands idly by while the country is flooded with illegal weapons. And while socioeconomic conditions for the nation are deteriorating, the top 10% are lining their pockets thanks to the political, capitalist system.

    Pro-establishment narrative

    Yes, there's significant violence and crime in South Africa, but this needs to be put into perspective. All too often, for example, the legacy of inequality faced by the country after the end of apartheid is overlooked. Despite the enormous challenges, South Africa's social and political achievements are remarkable, and its democratic system is firmly rooted in society. The country serves as a shining example of how to govern a diverse people.

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