South Korea: Fuel Runs Short At Petrol Stations As Truckers Strike

    Photo: Yonhap [via Reuters]

    The Facts

    • As of Monday, nearly 100 petrol stations across South Korea had run out of fuel due to a trucker strike that began on Nov. 24. The strike has reportedly disrupted the country's supply chain and cost around $2.5B in lost shipments so far.

    • This is the second strike in less than six months, with some 25K truckers demanding the government provide a permanent minimum-pay system amid soaring fuel costs. Although the union and government have had two negotiation sessions, there's been no breakthrough.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    The Yoon admin. has been hostile towards unionists, despite an International Labor Organization (ILO) recommendation to protect the basic labor rights of truckers. Having been recognized as an advanced country in terms of labor issues just a few months ago, it’s a shame South Korea is now regressing. This could lead to further damage to the country’s standing.

    Right narrative

    People are fed up with the truckers' strike, which has caused significant disruptions and economic loss, so it shouldn't be a surprise Yoon's approval rating has improved. South Korean lawmakers should follow the example of their US counterparts by uniting against this strike to prevent more harm to an already fragile economy. It’s time for truckers to return to work.

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