Southern Syria: Anti-Gov't Protest Turns Deadly

    Photo: Reuters [via TRT World]

    The Facts

    • Dozens of angry protesters chanting anti-government slogans stormed the governor’s office in the southern Syrian city of Suwayda on Sunday and set fire to parts of the building amid a heavy exchange of gunfire, the authorities and witnesses reported.

    • A protester and a police officer were allegedly killed, according to both independent and state media. It's unclear who shot first, as local independent media has reported that security forces fired into the crowd.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Though it has been almost 12 years since the onset of the Syrian revolution, Syrians from all walks of life continue to demand freedom and dignity. Meanwhile, the Assad regime has only become more authoritarian and barbaric, killing hundreds of thousands and destroying its own country just to stay in power. As Syria's financial condition worsens and the state fails to provide basic amenities, such protests will only escalate. Assad's grip on power is hanging by a thread.

    Narrative B

    It would be dangerous to call the criminal gangs sabotaging the region protesters. These armed thugs have become professionals in all illegal activities, including drug trade and kidnappings, and seek to destabilize an already insecure region of Syria. Though the government has chosen to take a hands-off approach in Suwayda, it cannot allow outlaws to run wild, killing civilians and members of the security forces with abandon.

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