Study: Companies Losing Women Leaders at Alarming Rates

Photo: Getty Images [via CNET]

The Facts

  • According to a report released on Tuesday by McKinsey & Company and, women leaders were more likely to switch jobs than men in 2021. The movement, dubbed the "Great Breakup," says that while women aren't leaving the workforce, they are leaving their employers to find better opportunities.

  • Workforce attrition for men and women had reportedly held steady at around 8% since 2017, but in 2021 attrition for women leaders climbed to 10.5%, the greatest surge in five years.

The Spin

Left narrative

Gender shouldn't play a role when assessing someone's leadership capabilities, but unfortunately, it does, as outlined by this latest report. In a move that could end in disaster for many companies, women are rightly standing up and relocating to companies that meet their expectations. Unless businesses focus on fixing the "broken rung," the "Great Breakup" will only grow.

Right narrative

Despite popular rhetoric, women in the West are more educated, have access to more opportunities, and enjoy more freedoms than ever before. Yet the commercial enterprise has fed into the lie that, in order to truly be "liberated", women must become slaves to the corporate world — an ironic "feminist" motion that completely disregards the actual needs of women who lean towards work-life balance and traditionally female jobs.

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