Sudan Accuses Ethiopia Of Killing 7 Soldiers, One Civilian

Photo: VOA via Wikimedia Commons

The Facts

  • Sudan's military has denounced the alleged killing of seven Sudanese soldiers and a civilian in a border area with Ethiopia, the latest sign of deteriorating relations between the two east African nations.

  • On Mon., Sudan's Foreign Ministry said the prisoners were taken into Ethiopia on Jun. 22 after being held captive by the Ethiopian government inside Sudan's sovereign territory.

The Spin

Narrative A

Ethiopia has violated all rules and customs of war. The prisoners were being held captive and should've been treated according to human rights principles and international law. Instead, Ethiopia disregarded Sudanese lives.

Narrative B

Sudan has been the one instigating violence in the region, not Ethiopia. Sundanese have looted Ethiopian farms, vandalized their camps, ruined their ability to harvest, and murdered and wounded numerous innocent civilians.

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