Syed Murder Case: Judge Overturns Conviction

Photo: Reuters [via CNBC}

The Facts

  • On Monday, a Maryland circuit court judge vacated Adnan Syed's conviction in the 1999 murder of his former girlfriend — a case that gained attention after the popular podcast "Serial" cast doubts about Syed's guilt in 2014.

  • Hae Min Lee, who previously dated Syed - 17 at the time - in high school, was found strangled and buried in a park. The investigation led to Syed through cell phone tower records and testimony from one of his friends.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

While this is certainly a win, Syed's case calls attention to the troubling issues in the criminal justice system. Syed has been behind bars for more than 20 years due to a weak investigation that violated its legal obligation to ensure a fair trial — a discovery that was disclosed years ago.

Pro-establishment narrative

While nobody wants to see an innocent man in jail, we shouldn't jump to conclusions. The state is doing its due diligence by reopening the investigation, which should be left to experts and not sensationalized for entertainment.

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