Syria: Military Bus Blast Kills 18 Soldiers

Syria: Military Bus Blast Kills 18 Soldiers
Photo: AFP [via Middle East Eye]

The Facts

  • At least 18 soldiers were killed and 27 injured on Thursday when an explosive device detonated on a military bus in the Damascus countryside, according to local Syrian media.

  • No group has claimed responsibility for the attack and Syrian authorities haven't directly commented on it as of yet.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

The war in Syria began when the Assad regime brutally cracked down on peaceful protesters calling for freedom and dignity. His country lies in ruin and violence continues - even in Damascus, which was cleared of rebel forces in 2018. Indeed, some analysts are even saying that the opposition may soon see a resurgence.

Establishment-critical narrative

This attack against the government is another terrorist operation by the so-called "opposition." Extremists also attacked Syrian government forces in other parts of the country. Thankfully, the government can manage such attacks and maintain Syria's stability and security - including from the meddling of actors undermining Assad's legitimate government.

Establishment split



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