• Around 50k people gathered on Washington DC's National Mall on Sat. in support of the introduction of federal gun control measures after a recent spate of mass shootings in the US.[1]
  • The "March for Our Lives" rally-goers made calls for legislation restricting the use of military-style weapons, and many vowed to reflect their opposition to inaction via the ballot box.[2]



Democratic narrative

More than 450 rallies were held across the US to press lawmakers to take action in protecting innocent American lives. Legislation is progressing, but, with at least 254 mass shootings having taken place in the US this year, it's time for federal action on gun control.

Republican narrative

Despite rally-goers attempting to pressure Senators into eroding the Second Amendment, undermining Constitutional rights will not help protect any American from gun violence. The wave of recent mass shootings needs to be addressed but it is an issue of mental health, not gun control measures.

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