Three Palestinians Killed During Israeli Raid

    Photo: Reuters [via Haaretz]

    The Facts

    • On Fri., Israel Defense Force troops reportedly shot dead three Palestinians and left at least eight wounded, including one person in critical condition, during a raid in Jenin, in the West Bank.

    • The deceased victims were in a vehicle encircled by the Israeli military during the operation.

    The Spin

    Pro-Israel narrative

    Israeli soldiers successfully neutralized a terrorist cell linked to Hamas and the al-Quds Brigades during this latest raid in Jenin. While the deaths are tragic, Israeli forces were responding to attacks on several fronts to protect innocent civilians and the State of Israel.

    Pro-Palestine narrative

    These young men were killed in cold blood by the occupation soldiers, who were carrying out a violent assault in the middle of the night while undercover. Just as misconduct at Abu Akleh's funeral wasn't punished, this latest attack reaffirms Israeli support for atrocious actions.

    Establishment split



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