Tokyo Issues Same-Sex Partnership Certificates

Photo: AFP/Getty Images [via The Guardian]

The Facts

  • On Tuesday, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government began issuing certificates recognizing the partnerships of same-sex couples. This makes Tokyo the largest municipality to recognize partnerships in a country where same-sex marriage hasn't been legalized.

  • The certificates don't provide equal rights as with a heterosexual marriage — and aren't legally binding — but they do allow same-sex couples to receive recognition and be treated as married couples for some services such as public housing, health, and insurance benefits.

The Spin

Narrative A

While this is a win, there's much more work to be done for LGBTQ+ communities in Japan. Japan needs to step up and provide protections just as the other members of the G7 do. The overall lack of recognition reverberates through the country and leads to a lack of inclusivity.

Narrative B

Japan is overall moving in the correct direction, even though it's at a slow and methodical pace. With nudging from the international community, including the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, legal rulings are — one by one — catching up to the will of the Japanese people when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights.

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