Top Putin Adviser Resigns

    Photo: AP [via CBS News]

    The Facts

    • The Kremlin has stated that Putin's envoy for liasion with international organizations, Anatoly Chubais, has resigned. He served a variety of top official jobs over the past three decades.

    • Although not confirmed by the Kremlin, he's believed to have resigned due to the conflict in Ukraine, and has reportedly left Russia.

    The Spin

    Anti-Russia narrative

    This is an important statement, and highlights the worry surrounding Oligarchs that the Kremlin and Putin have labelled as 'scum.' Russia is clearly willing to turn on its own people no matter the legacy that they've left for the country.

    Narrative B

    While a welcome statement, this does nothing to suggest that Putin has lost the support of the Russian political elite. Chubais' departure represents an exception, not a trend. Putin's inner circle isn't succumbing any time soon to public protests in Russia or sanctions targeting oligarchs.

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