Trial of Clinton Campaign Lawyer Enters Week Two

    Trial of Clinton Campaign Lawyer Enters Week Two
    Photo: Reuters [via The New York Post]

    The Facts

    • The trial against Michael Sussmann entered its second week on Mon. as prosecutors from special counsel John Durham's team seek to prove that the attorney lied to the FBI when he handed over data that purportedly showed suspicious internet activity between the Trump Organization and the Kremlin-tied Alfa Bank in the weeks prior to the 2016 election.

    • Prosecutors contend that Sussmann willfully misled investigators when he said he didn't come on behalf of a client, but as a concerned citizen, arguing that he was there on behalf of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    After a three-year probe, Durham's first trial brings a thin charge of lying to the government. The entire trial hinges on the testimony of former FBI general counsel James Baker. He was the only one to attend that meeting and he recorded no contemporaneous notes, but we are supposed to simply accept his word – and his memory.

    Pro-Trump narrative

    These revelations vindicate former President Donald Trump, who for years had to fend off fake Russiagate allegations insisting he tried to influence the 2016 elections with the help of the Kremlin. Turns out Hillary Clinton was at the center of cooking up these crooked allegations.

    Political split



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