Trump Claims He Threatened Putin With 'Hitting Moscow'

Photo: Chip Somodevilla, Oliver Contreras for The Washington Post [via Business Insider]

The Facts

  • Former President Trump is once again in the news for his comments on Russian President Putin and the invasion of Ukraine.

  • In a 40s video posted to Twitter, Trump can be heard on speaker phone talking to golfer John Daly.

The Spin

Pro-Trump narrative

There's no scandal here. Trump's comments to Daly are perfectly in keeping with the public comments he made at CPAC just last week. Trump's strong leadership was an effective deterrent against Russian and Chinese aggression. The same cannot be said of Biden, NATO, and the diminished West.

Left narrative

Trump's tough talk comes just after his own National Security advisor, John Bolton, revealed that Putin was just biding his time until a second Trump term, when the former president intended to withdraw the US from NATO, an organization that Trump constantly sought to undermine.

Establishment split



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