Trump Responds to Biden at Pennsylvania Rally

Photo: Getty Images [via The Guardian]

The Facts

  • Former US Pres. Donald Trump branded current Pres. Joe Biden an "enemy of the state" on Sat., during his first public appearance since the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago residence on Aug. 8.

  • It was also Trump's first public response to Biden's Sept. 1 speech, during which the Pres. condemned what he called "MAGA forces" that he deemed a threat to American democracy.

The Spin

Pro-Trump narrative

Trump came out of the gates swinging in retaliation to unjustified attacks, and delivered a great speech to rally voters to the polls in the midterms. His on-target critique of Biden's disgusting, divisive speech rebutted every hateful comment the President made - Trump had to strike back at the FBI and DOJ for becoming Biden's political tools and this response has made MAGA voters proud.

Democratic narrative

The evident rage in Trump's own address, which he used to criticize Biden's anger, reveals an ironic double standard. Even worse than his critique of Biden were Trump's continued unfounded accusations that the FBI has become politicized - all this former-President is doing is increasing the threats faced by law enforcement representatives.

Nerd narrative

There is a 79% chance that Trump will run for president in 2024, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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