Trump-Backed Candidate Wins Maryland GOP Gov. Nomination

    Photo: AP Images [via USA Today]

    The Facts

    • Maryland state legislator Dan Cox, who was endorsed by former Pres. Trump. won the GOP primary in the state's governor's race on Tuesday.

    • Cox, who will face a to-be-determined Democrat in the general election, defeated Kelly Schulz, a former member of Gov. Larry Hogan's cabinet, 56.2% to 40.3% with 80% of the vote counted. Hogan, who was limited by law to two terms and has been a vocal critic of Trump, had endorsed Schulz.

    The Spin

    Pro-Trump narrative

    The Trump endorsement continues to be the lucky talisman for GOP candidates, and the former president seemingly has the upper hand in the battle for the soul of the Republican party. He's now 147-10 nationwide, with a perfect record in 22 states. Conservatives in Maryland want a governor in the mold of Trump rather than an ineffective RINO like Hogan.

    Democratic narrative

    In a state that voted by a margin of 2-1 against Trump in 2020, this isn't a victory for the former president; it's one for the Democrats. Republicans had a chance to go with a pragmatic centrist and went with the cult of personality instead – and they'll regret that decision come November.

    Establishment split



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