Trumps Agree to Testify in NY Civil Case

Photo: Shutterstock [via Raw Story]

The Facts

  • Lawyers for former Pres. Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., and daughter Ivanka have agreed to testify on Jul. 15 in NY AG Letitia James' civil fraud investigation of the Trump Organization.

  • An appeals court can still order a stay, delaying depositions. Last month, however, NY's Appellate Division, First Judicial Dept., upheld a lower court's ruling that the Trumps weren't shielded from subpoenas by the existence of a parallel criminal investigation.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

This investigation was already hot on the trail of the Trump Organization's misdeeds, hearing from many witnesses and accumulating thousands of documents, while every attempt by the former president to hinder or end the investigation has been thwarted. An agreement to testify means there's nowhere left for the Trumps to hide.

Pro-Trump narrative

James is doing everything in her power to interfere with Trump's business dealings and harm his reputation. There is no case here - she is simply attacking Trump to further her political career.

Political split



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