Turkey Says Greek Missiles Locked Onto its Jets Over the Med

    Photo: Turkish Presidency via AP [via Al Jazeera]

    The Facts

    • On Sun., the radar of a Greek S-300 missile system based on the island of Crete reportedly locked on to Turkish F-16 fighter jets carrying out a reconnaissance mission in international airspace on Aug. 23.

    • The F-16s were at an altitude of 10K feet to the west of Greece's Rhodes island when the Russian-made air defense system locked on. The Turkish planes completed their mission and returned to their bases "despite the hostile environment."

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Yet again, Greece has threatened Turkey with unprovoked harassment. Turkey has complained of repeated provocative actions and rhetoric by Greece in recent months, and such moves are an obstacle to peace - something that Turkey vehemently wants.

    Narrative B

    The Turkish allegations against Greece are absolute nonsense, and the fault for tensions between the two countries squarely falls on Turkey for constantly launching provocative actions in the Mediterranean.

    Narrative C

    Diplomacy between Greece and Turkey must be prioritized to avoid a war in the Eastern Mediterranean. Both countries have understandable grievances against the other, but that is no excuse for two NATO allies to go to war. It is paramount that the international community pressures Greece and Turkey onto the negotiating table.

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