Two Jews Wounded Day After Palestinian Demonstrators Vandalized West Bank Shrine

    Photo: Samaria Regional Council [via New York Post]

    The Facts

    • Two Jews of the Bratslav Hasidic community were shot and wounded on Mon. while trying to reach Joseph's Tomb near the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank.

    • This comes a day after Israeli officials reported that around 100 Palestinian demonstrators had marched towards the shrine before setting it on fire. They were later dispersed by Palestinian security forces.

    The Spin

    Pro-Israel narrative

    This assault on a sacred Jewish shrine is despicable, yet international media have nothing to say. Access to Joseph's Tomb is restricted by the Palestinian Authority, and Palestinians regularly attack worshippers trying to visit the site. Meanwhile, Israel does all it can to ensure the protection of Islamic holy sites and freedom of worship.

    Pro-Palestine narrative

    Islamic holy sites are regularly attacked and vandalized by Israeli settlers. When a few Palestinians react to settler violence and brutal occupation by attacking Jewish sites, they are fully prosecuted. However, when Israeli settlers desecrate Islamic shrines, they are protected by the occupation police and by the army.

    Establishment split



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