Archbishop of Canterbury Condemns UK Plan to Send Migrants to Rwanda

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    The Facts

    • Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has spoken out against the British government's plans to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda to process their refuge claims.

    • The CoE's most senior cleric said it amounted to "sub-contracting" the nation's responsibilities and that the policy raised "serious ethical questions".

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    The Home Office has no evidence that this plan will act as a successful deterrent or, consequently, that it is a productive use of taxpayer money. This distressing policy is unChristian and unethical, and will restrict people fleeing global issues such as conflict and the effects of climate change from accessing legitmate routes into the UK.

    Right narrative

    Archbishop Welby's comments fail to acknowledge the scale or nature of the problem this policy is designed to address. People arriving in Britain via the Channel are not fleeing persecution, they are leaving other EU nations because they would prefer to settle in the UK. In addition, those who can afford to pay human traffickers exorbitant costs to make it onto boats are those with significant stamina and means, while the poorest are left behind.

    Political split



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