UK Workers Begin World's Biggest Trial of Four-Day Week

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images [via The Guardian]

The Facts

  • A six-month program involving employees from 70 companies across the UK has been launched to test the effects of a four-day workweek.

  • Workers will attempt to provide 100% of their regular output while working 80% of their usual hours for 100% of their pay. Researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and Boston College will announce the results of the trial on productivity and quality of life in 2023.

The Spin

Right narrative

Reducing working hours when Britain is already in the grip of a post-pandemic recruitment crisis is ludicrous. This idea cannot be implemented in customer-facing jobs or 24/7 operations, where the extra cost would end up being levied on employers or the taxpayer. This idea would only reduce the quality of life and dampen the economy. Who will be left to perform labor in times of crisis?

Left narrative

The goal of creating a "new way of working" is a direct response to the impacts of the pandemic-era "great resignation." A four-day work week has the potential to make staff less stressed and improve their health, while employers could benefit from heightened productivity and better worker retention.

Political split



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