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UPenn Nominates Lia Thomas as NCAA 'Woman of the Year'


  • Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer who won the women's 500-yard freestyle at the NCAA national championships in March, was nominated for the 2022 NCAA Woman of the Year award by the University of Pennsylvania.
  • The accolade, established in 1991, "recognizes female student-athletes who have ... distinguished themselves in their community," according to the NCAA nomination page.
  • Thomas began competing on the UPenn women's team in 2021 after two years of taking testosterone blockers and estrogen, prompting widespread controversy.



Left narrative

The criticism Thomas continues to face is reflective of the stigma towards transgender women. Right-leaning legislators, influencers, as well as the public, ruthlessly target this vulnerable group. Thomas should be celebrated for her athletic success and personal perseverance.

Right narrative

Thomas has a significant advantage over biologically female competitors. Trans athletes' participation is undermining women's sports and Thomas has no right to be nominated for an award dedicated for women. This is woke culture run amok.