US Charges Haitian Man for Role In Kidnapping

Photo: Christian Aid Ministries/CBS [via BBC]

The Facts

  • On Thurs., the DOJ formally accused Jean Pelice, an alleged member of Haiti's "400 Mawozo" gang, of taking part in the abduction of American Christian missionaries on Oct. 16, 2021.

  • This comes as a 27-year-old Haitian man also known as "Zo" appeared for the first time in a US court. He was extradited to the US in May to face charges of hostage-taking for his alleged involvement in the kidnapping.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

Haitian police are unfairly positioned to tackle gang violence. While the criminals are heavily armed with smuggled US-made assault-style rifles, security forces are underequipped and must rely on seized weapons as US laws ironically restrict their access to arms. Foreign governments aren't doing enough.

Pro-establishment narrative

The US has been taking bold measures to help Haiti to counter the concerning surge in gang violence, including providing armored vehicles and weapons. The possibility of establishing an international coalition involving Canada and France to back Haitian law enforcement agencies is being examined, and US personnel are expected to train Haitian defense forces this year.

Establishment split



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