US Court: Yeshiva University Must Recognize LGBTQ+ Club

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The Facts

  • A New York appeals court on Thursday ruled Yeshiva University (YU) must formally recognize an LBGTQ+ club on campus, rejecting the Jewish school's claim that the mandate violates its religious rights.

  • The four-judge panel said the university doesn't qualify as a "religious corporation," which would exempt it from the New York City Human Rights Law prohibiting discrimination by a place or provider of public accommodation.

The Spin

Right narrative

Regardless of what the court said, YU has a long history of promoting scientific and academic progress while adhering to its Orthodox faith. Using the strong arm of government to force institutions into compliance won't bring anyone together. Rather, the division between secular and religious beliefs will build, creating greater resentment as religious liberty comes under attack.

Left narrative

This decision should be celebrated by religious and secular Americans. Beyond Yeshiva's clear violation of NY law, its attempt to ban LGBTQ+ clubs violates the true meaning of religion – which should be a shield to protect everyone, not a weapon to hurt those who are different.

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