US Charges 13 on Alleged PRC Influence Operations

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The Facts

  • On Monday, the US Dept. of Justice and FBI announced charges against 13 people allegedly involved in attempts by the Chinese government to influence US operations as part of three separate cases.

  • Two of the cases were filed in federal court in the eastern district of New York. In one instance, two suspected Chinese spies were charged with trying to obstruct a federal investigation into an unnamed China-based global telecommunications company, speculated to be Huawei.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

The DOJ took a bold step to crack down on Chinese influence in America. While some of the allegations sound like gaffes and missteps on the part of the PRC, the reality is deadly serious and the Biden administration must go further to deter China's aggressive misconduct in the US.

Pro-China narrative

Washington's China policy is hypocritical, dangerous, and full of falsehoods. China does not spy, hack, steal information, or even attempt to take advantage of the US. The US has created this narrative to protect its interests, attempting to preserve its international hegemony.

Metaculus Prediction

Establishment split



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