US House GOP Releases Jan. 6 Report

    US House GOP Releases Jan. 6 Report
    Last updated Dec 22, 2022
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    • On Wednesday, five Republicans denied from serving on the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 riots at the US Capitol released their own 141-page report that focuses on alleged security failures.[1]
    • The report claims that administrative mismanagement — including an alleged delayed deployment of the National Guard — and "political pressures" from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) left the Capitol Police unprepared.[2]
    • Released days after the Jan. 6 committee unveiled an executive summary of its findings and voted unanimously to refer former Pres. Donald Trump to the Justice Dept. on four criminal charges, the GOP report also accused House Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.) of impeding security response at Capitol.[1]
    • It also claims the incoming head of security for the Capitol complex changed protocol so that analysts no longer conducted proactive social media searches, arguing this left police leadership unaware of many of the threats circulating online.[3]
    • Pelosi has previously denied allegations that she or her office failed to address alleged threats prior to the Jan. 6 riots or prevented the National Guard from deploying.[2]
    • The Republican lawmakers also recommended reforming the US Capitol Police Board and improving Congressional oversights of the Capitol Police – ideas that have had bipartisan support in the past.[4]


    Republican narrative

    Not long after Democratic leadership complained about police trying to stop racial riots in the summer of 2020, Democrats once again paved the way for more violence by leaving the Capitol Police ill-prepared for predictable riots at the Capitol. Pelosi's claim that she wasn't in charge that day is false, as the Sergeant at Arms clearly deferred to her and her staff when deciding not to secure the complex.

    Democratic narrative

    The GOP report is nothing more than a distraction as those truly responsible for the violence of Jan. 6 are held to account by the House committee, law enforcement, and other government agencies. Many communications and security leaders in the government were complicit or willfully ignorant of what was going on, but they, just like Trump, will face repercussions.

    Political split