Iran Parliamentarians Set Conditions for Nuclear Deal Return

Photo: Getty Images [via the Daily Caller]

The Facts

  • A majority of Iranian legislators issued strict conditions for the country's return to the 2015 nuclear deal on Sunday, reminding President Ebrahim Raisi that parliament holds the key to passing some measures required for striking a deal.

  • The parliamentarians demanded that Iran receive guarantees from the US and other members of the JCPOA nuclear deal that removes their ability to unilaterally withdraw – as Trump did in 2018.

The Spin

Left narrative

Trump got us in this mess with a more dangerous Iran by unilaterally withdrawing from the nuclear deal in 2018. Now, Republicans are looking to tear up the new deal before it even exists.

Right narrative

Biden is making the same mistake as Obama by entering into a nuclear deal without the approval of Congress. As such, it will be non-binding and suffer the same fate as the old deal – repealed by Republicans when they return to power.

Establishment-critical narrative

Iran has the legal right to a peaceful nuclear program. The lifting of some sanctions is welcomed, but not enough. All sanctions must be removed and the US must not be able to unilaterally leave the deal again.

Pro-establishment narrative

This deal, which comes after Iran has increased its capability to develop nuclear weapons, is weaker than the existing agreement and will make the whole Middle East more dangerous.

Political split



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